About Mediation

What are the benefits of mediation and the role of a mediator? What are the steps for mediation? Why Christian mediation?

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Find a Mediator

How to choose and contact a qualified CMC mediator. How to apply to become a CMC partner or associate.

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CMC also offers: seminars and workshops, individual and group conflict coaching, organizational conflict assessments, group conflict facilitation.

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About CMC

Christian Mediation Canada promotes professional conflict resolution services from a Christian perspective in Canada.

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      Sometimes people believe that mediation is just another legal process or is only available within a legal process. This is not the case. Mediation can be effective when two or more people are unable to navigate or negotiate their way through their differences or issues to a mutually satisfying solution. A trained, facilitative mediator can provide an objective process to clarify the issues and create a safe place for effective communication between parties. This allows everyone to find their voice and listen to hear each other.


Mediation has other great benefits

Confidential and Supportive
All parties in a mediation process are able to voice their concerns, interests and needs in a secure environment (you’ll be in a confidential and private environment).

Each party benefits from working with a skilled impartial third party (they won't take sides).

 Retain Relationships
There is a greater opportunity to retain an amiable and working relationship with the other people (because the process is respectful and productive).

 Better Outcomes
Mediation allows you to reach mutually agreeable solutions (the parties have control over what happens and any solutions).
Mediation results in agreements that are based on fairness and longevity (it works).

 Cost Effective
Mediation can be less expensive and take less time than using the court system (you’ll save money and time).

 Equipped for Future
You are often equipped to resolve future conflict through participation in the process (you'll learn stuff that really helps).

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Find a Mediator


Darrin Hotte

Alan Simpson



Rena Novotny




CMC Partners and Associates are all highly trained as professional conflict resolution experts.  However, Partners also have a high level of experience to go along with their education.  Associates are working towards the experience requirements to achieve Partner status.  

CMC Partners and Associates come from a wide range of Christian faith traditions and serve clients of all backgrounds and beliefs.  They often work and teach in the public, private and non-profit sectors.



CMC has a criteria for accepting candidates as CMC Partners and Associates.  The authority to accept application to become CMC Partners and Associates ultimately rests with the CMC Directors.  You can view the criteria by reading the documents detailing the application process (click links below). However, it is up to the potential client to do their own assessment as to the suitability of any CMC Partner/Associates for their own situation.  CMC and Outreach Canada cannot be held responsible for the outcome of work done by CMC Partners and/or Associates and are not liable for any activity between clients and the clients' chosen mediator. Promoting this list of CMC Partners and Associates is simply a way of connecting people who need conflict resolution services with potentially suitable professionals in their area.  It allows for increased awareness and ready access to mediators who have agreed to operate from a Christian perspective.


Partner/Associate Application Process

 Partner and Associate Benefits CLICK HERE
 Partner and Associate Code of Ethics CLICK HERE
Partner and Associate Requirements CLICK HERE
Partner Application Form CLICK HERE
Associate Application Form CLICK HERE


    CMC's primary focus is to link those who want to offer mediation services and those who want to receive these services within a Christian worldview.  We recognize this can take many other forms such as conflict coaching, facilitation and training.

    Some individuals would benefit from conflict coaching from a neutral third party outside of their situation.  Others are looking for help to assess a whole system (organization or congregation) to determine what underlying root issues are causing the ongoing and presenting conflict in their work or church. Leaders or managers are looking for workshops and training for their staff or leaders in the basic principles of conflict resolution and peacemaking. 

    CMC will work with you to assess your needs, design a customized training and/or provide you with other options.  We are aware of several qualified facilitators, trainers and coaches who can work with you in your situation.  The following list provides some of services that can be arranged through CMC. 


    1. Conflict and Biblical Peacemaking
    2. Managing Conflict at Work
    3. Managing Conflict with Family
    4. Communication Skills for Improved Conflict Resolution
    5. Leadership and Managment Conflict Resolution Training

  • Conflict Coaching

    1. Phone or Skype Coaching
    2. In Person Coaching
    3. Group, Staff or Board Coaching

  • Conflict Assessments

    1. Personal
    2. Family
    3. Business
    4. Organizational
    5. Congregational

  • Group Facilitation

    1. Difficult Conversations
    2. Retreats and Meetings
    3. Strategic Planning
    4. Organizational Health
    5. Change Management
    6. Leadership Team Development


The purpose of Christian Mediation Canada (CMC) is to promote professional conflict resolution services from a Christian viewpoint as a viable alternative to mediation outside the church or the adversarial approach of the courts.


More Information
  • Darrin Hotte

    BA, MDiv, Cert. ConRes., FMC Cert. CFM

  • Darrin is a mediator, facilitator, coach and educator. His goal is to help individuals and groups make their conflict positive.

  • 1-778-288-6181


If you have any questions about Christian Mediation Canada, please e-mail or call Darrin directly without hesitation.